The AMS-5000 is a High Performance Rain screen wall panel system

utilizing Aluminum Composite Material. The system is designed for use in

commercial wall applications to provide superior performance as a high end

cladding on exterior walls, fascia, soffits or canopies.



• Smooth flat panels for a crisp high tech appearance

• Dry set system with clean joints, and no dirty streaks from caulking

• Custom fit panel modules fabricated to exact dimensions

• Tested System that does not rely on the air barrier for water tightness

• Vented System allows air circulation inside the panel cavity

• Back up drainage channels offer secondary water barrier

• Extruded Aluminum attachment system designed to provide superior wind resistance and   
  accommodate thermal movement

• Extensive selection of factory applied pre-finished colors, along with a wide range of natural
  metals, timber and stone finishes

• Fire rated cores and NFPA-285 assemblies are also available

• Easy maintenance and long term durability

• Can help earn LEED credits for recycled content & innovative design


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